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Self Reflection Tees enables you to wear your Voice that only YOU can see in a Mirror or Reflection.


The Best Daily Reminder you'll get Is one you can wear and can take with you everywhere!


Living in a world with so many distraction. You can easily get lost into someone's else voice. whether it's a boss, a parent, someone else's message on a shirt that you can read walking by 😉 or just the world in general. It's can be hard to gain some clarity into your own head, and your own life.

Help us promote Self Consciousness, Self Awareness, and Self Reflection with:


What Will You Say To YOU?


"Super Comfortable with a Great Reminder!"


"Self reflection tees is awesome! Their product is amazing and helps to remind me everyday to believe in myself, to push forward and most importantly, to love myself. I will definitely be ordering more from them in the future. keep up the good work."


All shirts I've bought have been great quality. I've bought for myself, a brother and both my children. I love that I get a message aimed at ME every time I wear one!


Quality is a must when I purchase clothing. My shirts and hoodies are put through rigorous movement, filthy toddlers, and, to be honest, my own love for ketchup and dropping said ketchup on myself. Everything I have purchased from Self Reflection Tees have been through the washer and dryer multiple times and their clothing holds up! No fading, no piling, and, best of all, nothing has rubbed off!

I also LOVE the conversations just wearing this brand has sparked up: encouragement to continue self love, changing to be a better person, focusing on goals. i love the reminder i am given when i see my reflection.

Kiley Jo

"It's perfect for my training! I like the fabric and the way it wraps my body! Excellent!


"I think of "Be the Change" in two ways. One is be an agent of change for whatever you might be advocating. In my case it might be immigrant rights. A second way of reading is that I need to model or reflect the change I might advocate. So if I'm going to be about immigrant rights, I need to live in way that treats all immigrants with equal dignity and respect." ••


"Time is not wasted when you're always following your passion and focusing on what you love." 

Sacred Geo Pinecones

"Loving It at home and for the Gym!
Just Grind!"


"In LOVE with my crop top from self reflection tees! A Positive Affirmation that only I can see!!"

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